Tim Arnold

Documentary Director

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Spark people to action.

And unite behind great ideas through storytelling. Specialised in ads and documentaries. Has been recognised around the world with ING’s The Next Rembrandt (double Cannes Lions Grand Prix winner), #mynameispeter (ADCN Grand Prix winner), Opel Pay With Views (Cannes Lions PR Gold and Silver), the School for Justice (D&AD Impact - Black and Wood Pencil) and The Positive Alternative available now on Amazon Prime Video and WaterBear Network. (Best Documentary Short at New York Int. Women Festival, Best Male Director for Short at Rotterdam Independent Film Festival, Best Documentary Short at Rotterdam Independent Film Festival, Best Short Documentary at Roma Short Film Festival, Cooper Awards and Toronto Indie Short Film Festival, Best Director Short Film at Cooper Awards, semi finalist at Dumbo Film Festival and Phoenix Shorts, honorable mention at Tokyo Int. Short Film Festival and New Wave Short Film Festival)