Tim Arnold AV


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The Idea. Meaningful purpose. Craft.


Tim Arnold AV. Filmmaker.
Executing creative ideas into meaningful (branded) film productions.

Believes that there are three important pillars to create impactful stories: The idea. Meaningful purpose. Craft.

Specialised in commercial films and mini-docs.
Have been recognised around the world with ING’s The Next Rembrandt (double Cannes Lions Grand Prix winner), Opel Pay With Views (Cannes Lions PR Gold and Silver) and the School for Justice (D&AD Impact - Black and Wood Pencil).

Working on a mood film? Contact me to unlock the Brand Manifesto page.

Co-initiator, cinematographer and film director at
The Positive Alternative
Reducing global emission - inspired by local stories

🏆 Awarded for Best Short Documentary at Roma Short Film Festival

Learn more at thepositivealternative.org