Tim Arnold

Documentary Director

Give Couleur

Give Couleur


Give Couleur

Over the last decade the number of people experiencing homelessness in The Netherlands has nearly doubled. Luckily, in Amsterdam you can find ‘walk-in homes’ where homeless people can wash their clothes, take a shower and meet other people. Simple basics we all need in our everyday life.

But, the walk-in homes need some improvement.

On #worldhomelessday Homebass Foundation launched their Give Couleur campaign. Joining forces with renowned Amsterdam festivals Chasing the Hihat, ZeeZout, Strafwerk and Nomads to raise money and give ‘couleur’ to 4 walk-in homes in Amsterdam.

So, give a brush, a lamp, a radio or a plant and GIVE COULEEEEEEUUURRR

More info at https://geefcouleur.nl/

An initiative by Homebass Foundation in close collaboration with De Regenboog Groep and Paco Foundation. Supported by ZonMw.

Creative: Robert-Jan Glas
Head of production: Floor Brasjen

Music by Boris Werner

Before and after:
Inloophuis Oud-West

Inloophuis Amoc

Case study

Meet the people who GAVE COULEEEEEUUURRRR!!