Tim Arnold

Documentary Director



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In The Netherlands a daily average of 4 families learn that their child has a serious or life-threatening illness. Family life changes completely in one fell swoop. The impact is hard to imagine. Make-A-Wish Netherlands gives positive energy to young patients between 3 and 18 years old. An experience that makes them stronger. And brings confidence and strength for the future by making their dearest wish come true. Because the life of a sick child should not be about their illness only.

Presenting: Wish Magazine.

The lovingly crafted impact magazine by Make-A-Wish. Made out of a fervent wish. Showcasing the impact of a Wish Journey based on inspiration and scientific interest. Our beautiful Wish children play the leading role in word and image. But also their parents and the many professionals who support us passionately inform you about the great importance of the Wish Journey: getting a wish, designing a wish, preparing and rejoicing, fulfilling the wish, reminiscing and off course the emotional effect. This magazine brings hope and courage and contains a well-founded plea for positivism.

Above all, Martinus, Pleun, Liz, Xanne, Murat, Yvonne, Nadesty, Willem and Gijs all share what the Wish Journey has done for them personally. Their stories touch the essence of our grateful work. And their wishes inspire us to fulfil many more.

Client: Make-A-Wish Nederland