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Our Sunburnt Country

Our Sunburnt Country


Our Sunburnt Country

Our Sunburnt Country by Dr. Anika Molesworth

''Courage is born from difficult times and holding on firmly to what is closest in our hearts. This is a story of finding courage to save the farming and food system, and looking after the planet for everyone.’’

Dr. Anika Molesworth

Too often #climate #change is spoken about in a way that is abstract and academic. It is described as a future issue that will affect someone else.

Dr. Anika Molesworth wrote a #book which changes this story.
Our Sunburnt Country describes the humanity entangled in the climate crisis. It shares the concerns as well as the hopes and visions of people around the world.

The book helps the reader #connect with a big issue in a way that is #personal and #emotive. It also describes solutions, their benefits, and the actions we as individuals can take to look after our homes and our communities. Together we will overcome the #ClimateCrisis.

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