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An ‘undercover’ snack sauce to get kids eating more vegetables… with vegetables.

PLUS is the nr.4 Dutch supermarket chain with good food at the heart of its business. Their brand mission is about providing good food, for everyone, everyday - and this of course includes helping parents to get their kids eating healthy food on a daily basis. Not always an easy task. The well-documented problem, that most parents contend with, is that most kids simply don’t like vegetables.

No wonder mums and dads everywhere often cheat a little by adding a drop of ketchup or a dollop of mayonnaise to healthy meals. But this classic trick has an unhealthy downside. Ketchup contains lots of added sugars, in fact on average 25%; and mayonnaise is made of up to 90% oil.

To tackle this problem J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam created a whole new product: SuperSauce. An undercover sauce based on an idea that sounds silly but works like crazy: eat more vegetables with vegetables. The ingredients are disguised as superheroes on the package design. Making the bottles look more attractive to the underage target group and avoid them finding out about the contents. The agency and PLUS are going to tell the truth to kids though…one day.

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LBB Online

Client: PLUS Supermarket
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam