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Documentary Director

project MENU

project MENU


project MENU

A dinner through the eyes of a photographer and a chef.
By Robert Harrison and Robbie Postma.

Food photography has become a mainstream phenomenon. Restaurants, food bloggers, home cooked meals, it’s #foodporn everywhere. In the mass of all these sharable photos, food tends to turn into something superficial.

MENU shows a fresh unique take on photographing food. Like art, or actually anything in life, food will gain more emotional value when you know the story behind it. So, instead of focusing on a finessed dish on a plate, MENU takes you back to the origin of creating a menu. Sticking to the same principles and values a chef would when creating a menu. Paying a lot of attention to details, composition and preparation. Considering the sequence of serving and keeping each ‘course’ exciting and surprising. Served the closest place you can get to a chef’s mind: on his face.

To respect the art of craftsmanship we avoided any digital manipulation and did everything by hand.

Just like you would in a great restaurant.


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