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Documentary Director

The Moment ft. Suzanne van Straaten

The Moment ft. Suzanne van Straaten


The Moment ft. Suzanne van Straaten

“I had no green thumbs at all”

That didn’t stop her starting Sprinklr, a business specialising in organic garden plants. Why organic garden plants? Because what not many people know is that many plants sold at garden centres are laced with pesticides – even those labelled ‘pollinator-friendly’. So instead of boosting soil biodiversity and helping bees, butterflies and other insects, you’re actually harming the very ecosystem you want to help.

Find out about the moment Suzanne van Straaten realised that the best way to regreen the city was to roll up her sleeves and help people get their hands dirty – planting sustainable garden plants.


Sprinklr: https://www.sprinklr.co/
5 Media:
Article: https://fivemedia.com/video/the-moment-lets-make-pesticide-free-garden-plants-the-norm/
Concept and interview:
Anne-Marie Hoeve