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The Positive Alternative

The Positive Alternative


The Positive Alternative

Reducing global emissions - inspired by local stories

The Positive Alternative documentary series provides both dramatic yet empowering stories about how little changes can create a big positive impact on our lives, on climate change and the world at large.

In season 1 The Positive Alternative shares the story of 4 Australian farmers whose lives and farms are fundamentally impacted by climate change. Yet provide sustainable products and consumer solutions for a more vibrant and sustainable food system. Each episode covers one crucial topic within the food industry: sustainable diets, reducing food waste, sustainable production, low emission meat.

Let's make climate change a shared problem; from farm to fork.

Exclusive premiere event in Amsterdam & Copenhagen:
21/9 - Bremen Teater Kobenhavn
28/9 - Eye Filmmuseum Amsterdam

Immerse yourself into this interactive page where we connect the dots between the land, the climate and our food:


Available on WaterBear Network

The Positive Alternative is an independent non-profit initiative; money will be used to finish the first season, to produce the next and share them with a global audience. Interested in a collaboration? We are open to start the conversation!

'We strongly believe in the power of sharing positive and resilient stories in an attempt to combat climate change.'

Interested in licensing and distributing The Positive Alternative documentary series?
Please send us an email: info@thepositivealternative.org

Learn more at thepositivealternative.org
Follow our journey at @the.positive.alternative

Films by Tim Arnold AV
Written and produced by Eefje Suzanne Kragten
In close collaboration with Dr. Anika Molesworth
Supported by 5Media Foundation
Messaging supported by WWF
Colours by Suriya Black

The Positive Alternative is endorsed by:
WWF Australia

The Netherlands and Australia - Trade and Investments
Farmers for Climate Action

Climate Wise Agriculture
Dr. Anika Molesworth
Documentary Australia Foundation

ADCN (Art Directors Club Netherlands)





Red and Co Agency
WaterBear Network