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The Positive Alternative

Featuring Australian food producers whose lives and farms are fundamentally impacted by climate change. Yet provide sustainable products and inspiring solutions to reduce global emissions.

Climate change has fundamentally impacted and changed the lives of farmers in Australia. Listen to the story of different farmers dealing with changing climate conditions and how they create a positive alternative. Each of them shares their personal experiences and provide solutions to create a sustainable food industry. The Positive Alternative provides both dramatic yet inspiring stories about how little changes can create big positive impact on our lives, on climate change and the world at large.

Our journey started with a camera and an idea. We met Dr. Anika Molesworth and her story gripped our mind, did not leave us and we felt her story needed to be told. To be shared with the world. In October 2020, Dr Anika Molesworth farewelled the last of the sheep from her station near Broken Hill, a victim of successive droughts made more frequent and severe as a result of climate change. Yet, Anika has not let this hardship hold her back. She remains committed to raising awareness of the need for action on climate change, through her work as an author and educator, and guiding force on climate-focused organisations like WWF and Farmers for Climate Action.

We believe that Anika’s story, and the stories of other brave and inspiring farmers like her, can be the catalyst for change in our current climate change trajectory. By using our skills as experienced film makers, we can bring to life the very real impacts of climate change already being felt by those on the land and the solutions we already have at our fingertips.

By showcasing Australian farmers, across different industries and locations, each in their own 30-minute documentary we want to provide a positive alternative to the status quo, which is currently driving us towards catastrophic climate change, and empower people across the world with simple, tangible and constructive ideas to make tomorrow better.

Their story is our story. Their solution is our solution. Their tomorrow is our tomorrow.

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'We strongly believe in the power of sharing positive and resilient stories in an attempt to combat climate change.'

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