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The Purest Picture

The Purest Picture

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The Purest Picture

A photographer to take portraits using a drop of the water as a "lens."

The small town of Spa is set just outside a nature reserve in the Belgian Ardennes. This is the home of Spa mineral water - which claims to be the world’s purest water. The rain that falls there is filtered through six layers of earth. After years of traveling underground, it results in the purest water in the world. The assignment was to proof how pure and clear Spa water is.

To prove how pure Spa mineral water really is, we challenged a top Dutch portrait photographer to take a series of photos through a drop of Spa. An innovation team was set the task of turning this natural element into a functional lens. They had to build a unique camera from scratch, using a lens made of Spa water.

The result: a documentary about how a pure drop of Spa water was made into a lens.
And a series of portraits that almost look like black and white water colours. Together they prove the pureness of a drop of Spa.

Press coverage:
The Drum

Client: Spadel
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam - Campaign page